Check out the ROI calculator

    Check out the ROI calculator

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Many organizations believe that their space is being 80% utilized when in reality they are often only using 40% of their space effectively. Thanks to its increased efficiency and reduction of no shows, within a few months of using Rendezvous, our clients easily increase their utilization to 50% with many reporting 70% or more. An investment in Rendezvous easily pays for itself within the first year.

See the table below to see how much you can save:

With corporate real estate costs increasing every year, it is no longer feasible for every worker to have their own hot desk particularly with an ever increasing agile workforce. Organizations are now looking to increase desk sharing and reduce costs. Thanks to Rendezvous you can significantly increase your desk ratios and keep the costs down.

The table below demonstrates how you, and your bottom line, can benefit:

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this case study about a major global utility to see how they achieved improved space utilization and savings of over $100,000 within three months of deploying the Rendezvous software.