Positive tips from all across the FM industry

The way we work has never been so dramatically altered as it is right now – and here at NFS we’ve been compiling tips from facilities managers to help organizations in the new enforced agile working world.

We know operational concerns and employee welfare are right at the top of everyone’s priorities – but in monitoring the industry, we’ve found these positive thoughts from businesses:

Be secure: Circulate clear protocols to your workers so you protect your network security, such as banning the use of unencrypted memory sticks.

Keep on communicating: Homeworkers can easily feel lonely if unsupported. Use video conferencing, emailing and social media to communicate with them every day.

Monitor productivity: Set your homeworkers clear, realistic deadlines for their projects, and monitoring the outcomes. Always give them feedback – it’s more important now than ever.

Motivation and morale: Provide daily opportunities for virtual team activities – even fun ones such as a daily quiz – with small prizes; share serious achievements in a highly visible way. Establish What’s App groups, use Facebook pages and other collaborative media so your people can socialise.

Training: Don’t let it go – it’s a crucial part of keeping your staff engaged. Provide them with access to online courses, or create virtual workshops that they can join.

Sharing space: Your homeworkers who are co-existing with partners and children need to set up ground rules for when someone needs private space for concentration or video conferencing – and a keep out sign for the door.

Tech nightmares: Make sure technical support is available for employees working at home – and be ready to change their devices if necessary. Make sure everyone has a suitable chair and desk/table to avoid aches and pains.

Think wellness: Your workers need exercise to stay mentally alert and physically well. Encourage them to follow advice on staying fit.

Be understanding: People working from home can find it a difficult transition, at least initially – and particularly if they are having to combine it with childcare. Provide pastoral support and as much flexibility as feasible.

Takeaway learning: Agile working was already a huge trend worldwide, and this enforced period will tell you a lot about its benefits and how work s– for example, it highlights how collaborative technologies can replace expensive and exhausting travel. This experience could inform future decisions about the way you utilize your real estate and workspace once the crisis is over.